Either minor or large roof leaks can cause you or your property damage, that can cost thousands!!! It’s important to call a specialist roof plumber like us at J. Day Plumbing at the moment a roof leak is noticed. We are experts in sourcing the cause of various roof leaks and fixing/repairing them. A detailed report with photo’s of your roof explaining the exact causes of the leak can be completed upon request.

We at J. Day Plumbing have completed working safely on roofs course run by Master Plumbers and we’re licensed to preform high risk work on elevated platforms.

These qualifications along with our plumbing license guarantees a high standard of workmanship in a safe manner.

  • Roof leaks repaired on metal, steel, laser lite and tiled roofs
  • Gutters & downpipes repairs/replacement
  • Box gutter repairs/replacement
  • Zinc & colourbond roofs repairs/replacement
  • Laser Lite roofs replaced
  • Professional Gutter Cleaning
  • Flashing repairs/replacement
  • Roof reports & preventative maintenance